What’s next for the business community?

Tonight I went to an event that Centerfuse put on at Iron Horse Brewery where they hosted the one and only Director of Commerce, Lisa Brown. Centrifuge is an amazing local asset for economic growth and development. As a group they are hardworking, passionate, and a collective brain trust of information and experience that is going to change the economy in Ellensburg.

Lisa Brown spoke about how Ellensburg has a lot to offer… quality of life, the presence of higher education and the intellectual energy that comes with CWU, as well as local elected officials that are willing to work together for change. But right now we’re faced with the challenge of a lack of jobs that support and build the middle class.

I think Lisa is spot-on with this assessment and I can’t wait to continue working for change and growth in Ellensburg. I have experienced the challenges we face from several angles; as a local small-business owner, as a student, as a renter, as a property owner, and most recently as the wife of a man that commutes every other week to pursue a job that suits our family.

I want you to know that this is important to me and I would be honored if you would allow me to continue my work in this area. The vote will be here before you know it! November 5th.

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