Letter: Stacey Bankston-Engel is the right choice for City Council

Nicole Wachsmith, Oct 3, 2019

To the Editor:

As a member of this community and a mother of two children growing up in Ellensburg there are two major issues that concern me about living here; Can Ellensburg continue to grow in a conscious way and can Ellensburg maintain its charm and small town feel?  I believe that Stacey Bankston-Engel is the right choice for City Council to address both of these concerns.

With Stacey’s background in construction management she understands not only the building codes but the planning and budgeting the city needs for future growth. She can take her expertise, which is unique to the City Council, to help Ellensburg grow in a thoughtful way. Ensuring that future building projects are executed not only efficiently but sustainably.

Stacey is the only current council member with a young family and like myself one of the reasons we choose to live here is because Ellensburg is a safe community. I trust Stacey’s leadership skills and her ability to listen to others to ensure that this town maintains its small town feel while providing residents with activities that engage the whole community.

I am voting to retain Stacey Bankston-Engel for city council because of her intelligence, leadership and values.

Nicole Wachsmith