Letter: Stacey Bankston Engel is an impressive choice for Ellensburg City Council

John Schmit, Sep 23, 2019

To the Editor:

We are lucky that Stacey Bankston Engel was appointed to Ellensburg’s City Council last September and we should ensure that she wins election this November to continue that service for us.

I recently visited a backyard candidate’s meet and greet and was totally impressed with Stacey’s clear and forward thinking, plus her contagious energy. She is on multiple city/county boards, she advocated with other council members for purchase of Rotary Pavilion in development of a downtown park, she is involved in transportation plans, airport plans, downtown health, housing and more. And I was excited to hear her methods, endorsing a team approach of public and private sectors for project solutions and buy in.

She described researching solutions reached by other cities of similar size and demographics, cities with a university, cities with similar growth and economics, and reaching out to identify pitfalls and successes those cities have had in planning and legislating in order to help model Ellensburg. She is currently researching how to develop living wage jobs so that locals are not priced out of the housing market, how to improve the city development plan, avoiding urban sprawl or becoming a bedroom community, and how to ensure diverse neighborhoods that are well served with good flow.

She is pursuing plans for better and more integrated community centers and functions. She supports the county’s efforts in growing the airport, and just a lot more. And she talks about these issues with conviction and understanding, not just political banter. Plus she works well within the council and has encouragement from other members.

I learned that Stacey is already busy with her husband and four young boys, a construction management career and she is a volunteer in at least one other major organization, but I believe it true that you go to the busiest person you can find when it’s time get things done. My wife and I were blown away by Stacey (can you tell?) and we endorse her completely.

John Schmit