Letter: Have been impressed by Stacey Bankston Engel on council

Steve Willard
Oct 12, 2019

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Stacey Bankston Engel’s candidacy for City Council. In my business capacity, I appear often before the City Council on legislative policy matters and also quasi-judicial hearings.

I am impressed by Stacey’s understanding of complex facts presented and her evaluation of issues required throughout legislative policy deliberations.

Stacey understands land use, business and the need to create legislation promoting affordable housing in Ellensburg. I also serve with Stacey on the Airport Advisory Board. She is a strong advocate for business development at Bowers Field and supports finding solutions for thriving aviation operations for both general aviation and the CWU Flight Technology program.

Please return Stacey for another term on the Ellensburg City Council.

Steve Willard, Ellensburg


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